The Pillars of Ivy Asset Group

Portfolio Strategies

Ivy Asset Group partners with alternative consumer finance companies to provide credit and capital solutions. Since inception, Ivy has provided capital in senior debt, mezzanine, and subordinated debt positions. Ivy concentrates on middle-market companies and utilizes forms of various capital structures to supplement a company’s debt capacity beyond standard banking credit limitations and as an economical alternative to equity financing. If Ivy Asset Group’s experience may be valuable to a capital solution that your firm is exploring, ask us how we can help by contacting

Ivy Asset Group seeks to make equity investments in a diverse range of middle market enterprises. Ivy strives to partner with strong management teams and provide capital support to a well-defined growth plan. Ivy seeks to be an active participant in the oversight of each investment while also investing in companies with a strong partnership and management team to try to ensure that every investment has the resources and guidance needed to succeed. If your firm could benefit from investment and operating experience with a growth-focused partner, please contact us at

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